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I began playing chess many years ago.  First it was against my dad when I was a child, and getting crushed.  Then in high school, I joined the chess team as a freshman.  I went from the worst on the team to the best in the district in one year.  That was mainly due to the help of a friend of mine who is now a National Master.

Probably the most exciting point of playing chess when I was learning was finally beating my dad.  He never once allowed me to win, even though my mom had asked him a few times to just let me win.  I’m glad he didn’t, you don’t really learn from your wins as much as your losses.

In high school I would lose maybe one or two games all year.  That was due to one person that I remain friends with today.  He was from a rival school, and to this day is still much better than I am.  I was only able to take the helm of best player in the district when he graduated.

Well years passed and I stopped playing chess.  I lost a lot of what I knew, and I haven’t really gotten it back, but I’m working on it.

Online play has allowed me to play and learn in the comfort of my own home.  Any time control you want, from blazing fast 1 minute bullet games, to more standard time controls of 60-120 minute games. (more…)