Chess Book Study Android App Review

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Commentary Articles
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Chess Book Study is a versatile android app created by the same person does the official FIDE World Chess Championship App, that not only allows you to have a board in front of you on your tablet or phone in conjunction with your favorite Chess PDF, but also uses free chess engines to have the computer analyze positions on the board as well!

Designed only for the Android OS, this app is the perfect way for you to take your chess books on the go without having a board with you.  There are both a free and paid app available, although I think the only difference is that in the bottom of the PDF file there is an ad on the free version.

The app itself uses two other applications that are tiny in order to facilitate the layout and engines, both apps are also free.  There is an eBook viewer that you need to download, and the engine Analyze This!, which is free as well, needs to be downloaded for computer analysis.  Both of those apps are small so the amount of space taken up on your phone or tablet is minimal and you probably won’t notice.

The app itself is really geared more towards the tablet than the phone.  I do use it on my LG Optimus L9, but the PDF is small and the board is small.  The absolute nice thing is that you can still manipulate the PDF file to zoom in.  The board itself has multiple piece sets and board backgrounds so you should be able to find something you like.

This app also supports PGN viewing, and you can load PGN files of the games that are in the books you  have if they are available.

There are quite a few options available for rendering how the app looks, either side by side or top/bottom.  You can modify the viewing of the PDF, how big the chess board is, what the taps do etc.  The amount of customization in this app is quite mind boggling.

One thing that is in sort of a beta mode is Talk To Move.  Yep, you can tell the program where to move, and it will move.  However that option does have some issues with locking the app up on my phone, so use it sparingly if it does it on yours too.


The Bottom Line:  I would say, pay for the app, it’s only $3.50 on the Google Play Store.  It is free if you don’t mind the ads, but this app should be supported.  This is quite an ingenious app that is long over due.  Now I can sit in a doctors office or if I want to look at something, but don’t want to get a board out, I can read the book, and follow along right there on my phone and tablet!

There are screen shots of the app below, and for more information visit the Google Play Store



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