I’m pleased to announce that I am now Insanity Certified!

Right now we have TWO classes scheduled with more to come!!  March 20th and 21st at 6pm!!

You can join us for ONLY $5 at the Bee-Fit Health Club  in Cincinnati, Ohio and it’s the ONLY place in Cincinnati to get INSANE!

For more information contact Joe Hempel at 513-237-5695 or shoot an email to  We will be moving to a new website very soon so please watch for that too!!

Make sure to shot me a friend request on facebook to get the latest happenings  on the Insanity classes as well!

Hope to see you there!!!




Chess books on the Kindle

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Commentary Articles

I recently purchased a chess book on the Amazon Kindle.  I’m preparing for my first team match in a 45/45 league on ICC and I’m actually playing the top board.  I want to do well, and I want to do my team proud.  I’m actually doing a bit of preparation for the first time in a long time for this game.  I play black against an opponent that is arguably weaker than myself based on ratings, but we all know that really isn’t much of a factor when you are 100-150 points away from your opponent.  Needless to say, I’m a bit nervous.  I’m used to 30 minute time controls, and the 45 / 45 time control (45 minutes, plus 45 seconds for each move) means that my opponent will not make the mistakes you might make in other areas.  It also means that my weakest area, the opening, will be exploited. Read the rest of this entry »

Chess Book Study is a versatile android app created by the same person does the official FIDE World Chess Championship App, that not only allows you to have a board in front of you on your tablet or phone in conjunction with your favorite Chess PDF, but also uses free chess engines to have the computer analyze positions on the board as well!

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For the first time in a long time, I’m seriously interested in chess at the higher levels.  This year we have the challenger, 22 year old Magnus Carlsen, taking on 5 time champion Vishy Anand.  It seems 99% of everyone I’ve talked to think Magnus Carlsen should absolutely destroy Anand.  After all, he has Gary Kasparov, one of, if not the best chess player of this generation, as well as loads of innate talent.  He’s also the highest rated player in FIDE.  Ever.  Even higher than Gary Kasparov and people thought his rating was unheard of. Read the rest of this entry »

I began playing chess many years ago.  First it was against my dad when I was a child, and getting crushed.  Then in high school, I joined the chess team as a freshman.  I went from the worst on the team to the best in the district in one year.  That was mainly due to the help of a friend of mine who is now a National Master.

Probably the most exciting point of playing chess when I was learning was finally beating my dad.  He never once allowed me to win, even though my mom had asked him a few times to just let me win.  I’m glad he didn’t, you don’t really learn from your wins as much as your losses.

In high school I would lose maybe one or two games all year.  That was due to one person that I remain friends with today.  He was from a rival school, and to this day is still much better than I am.  I was only able to take the helm of best player in the district when he graduated.

Well years passed and I stopped playing chess.  I lost a lot of what I knew, and I haven’t really gotten it back, but I’m working on it.

Online play has allowed me to play and learn in the comfort of my own home.  Any time control you want, from blazing fast 1 minute bullet games, to more standard time controls of 60-120 minute games. Read the rest of this entry »